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FIFA 18 vs FIFA 17: What’s New



New Crossing Controls

New Crossing Controls

EA delivers small upgrades to crossing each year, but it's a major focus this year. There are all new FIFA 18 crossing controls that weren't in FIFA 17. 

This gives you better options to cross the ball into the box and ultimately better control over where you place it. EA outlines some of the changes. You will be able to deliver faster crosses, arched crosses to get that extra clearance and striking deliveries to the back post. 

You'll want to master this new FIFA 18 feature to get an edge on the competition. This will allow you to line up more chances at goal and if you can finish it a lead that will be hard to compete with. 



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  5. Hissam

    10/04/2017 at 3:59 pm

    Can i still access fifa 18 icon edition features if i buy it today or it was just for those who pre ordered ?
    I m talking about getting 2 ronaldo on a loan and 40 gold numbo packs

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