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FIFA 18 vs FIFA 17: What’s New



New Dribbling Mechanics

New Dribbling Mechanics

 We're still waiting on the specifics, but there is an upgrade to dribbling planned for FIFA 18 that will help you win more 1v1 situations, especially in online games. 

While FIFA 17 can feel sluggish, FIFA 18 will offer more controls with just the left stick, which will help even casual players feel the benefit of dribbling changes in the new game. 

According to Eurogamer, who played FIFA 18 at EA Play, "When you want to dribble, it happens." Wesley Yin-Poole further explains the new dribbling in FIFA 18, "The ideal forward, then is a player who can dribble well and then explode into space. So, you'll hold the bumper for close control dribbling, then smash sprint to sprint into space, getting around bemused defenders in a way you can't in FIFA 17. This is what Messi and Ronaldo are so good at in real life - the best footballers the world currently has to offer.

It's worth noting the slow dribble is back (now on the left bumper), and no touch dribble is more effective (it wasn't used much in FIFA 17)."

We look forward to trying this out in a FIFA 18 demo or with EA Access and putting it to use later this year. 



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  5. Hissam

    10/04/2017 at 3:59 pm

    Can i still access fifa 18 icon edition features if i buy it today or it was just for those who pre ordered ?
    I m talking about getting 2 ronaldo on a loan and 40 gold numbo packs

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