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Galaxy Note 5: 2 Reasons to Buy & 6 Reasons Not To (2017)



Wait Until You've Properly Prepared

Wait Until You've Properly Prepared

If you aren't prepared to buy your next smartphone, be it the Galaxy Note 5 or something else, wait. 

If you're gearing up to buy the Galaxy Note 5 or another device, make sure you've spent some time researching and doing your homework. Here are a few recommendations. 

First, you need to look into your upgrade and make sure it's available. You can do that via most carrier websites. 

If you aren't tied to a specific carrier make sure you take a look at carrier coverage in your home and the areas you frequent the most. You might find better coverage with a competitor. 

We also recommend digging into carrier pricing and data plans. If you haven't upgraded your phone in awhile, they've probably changed a whole lot. 

Before you buy, read all the fine print, research Galaxy Note 5 alternatives, and find the best carrier and data plan for you and your needs. 

Don't buy anything until you're ready. 

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