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Galaxy Note 5: 2 Reasons to Buy & 6 Reasons Not To (2017)



Wait for the Galaxy Note 8

Wait for the Galaxy Note 8

At this point, given how close we are to Samsung's next Unpacked launch event, most people should refrain from buying the Galaxy Note 5. 

Samsung's confirmed a Galaxy Note 8 launch for August 23rd which means we only have a few more days before the next Galaxy Note is official. 

On paper, the Galaxy Note 8 looks like it'll be the most powerful phone Samsung's ever released which makes it attractive to those that want a big screen with a ton of horsepower. 

Samsung's Galaxy Note launches only take place once a year so it's probably a good idea to hold out for a few more days (if you can) so that you can compare the new Note to the Note 5. 

Who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with the Galaxy Note 8 and its feature set. 

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