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Galaxy Note 5: 2 Reasons to Buy & 6 Reasons Not To (2017)



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Wait For Black Friday & Better Deals

Wait For Black Friday & Better Deals

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is cheap but you might be able to snag an event better offer if you wait a few more weeks. 

If you aren't in love with the current set of deals, considering waiting a few more months. If you can wait,  you might see some awesome Galaxy Note 5 deals emerge during Black Friday and Cyber Monday as retailers look to clear out their inventory. 

There's no guarantee the Galaxy Note 5 deals in November will be any better than the deals out there right now but if you're really short on cash, consider holding out. 

The Galaxy Note 5 probably won't be the only discounted Android device retailers dangle in front of consumers during the holiday shopping season. 

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