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Galaxy Note 5 Oreo Update: 6 Reasons to Get Excited & 2 Not To



Improvements to Samsung Pay & Samsung Cloud

Improvements to Samsung Pay & Samsung Cloud

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 got Samsung Cloud support with its Android Nougat update. It's an essential feature for many users and those of you who depend on Samsung Cloud have reason to get excited about Oreo. 

If Samsung does roll out Android Oreo to the Galaxy Note 5, it could get the Samsung Cloud upgrades the company tacked onto the Galaxy S8's upgrade. 

Samsung's Galaxy S8 Oreo update comes with several exciting upgrades including:

    • View and manage photos and notes stored only in Samsung Cloud.
    • Store any type of file in Samsung Cloud Drive.
    • Select specific items to delete or restore from backup data.
    • View the size of all your backups and see how many items they contain.

The Galaxy Note 5 also supports Samsung Pay, the company's popular mobile payment solution. The Galaxy S8's Oreo update also comes with some security and speed improvements to Samsung Pay

If you use these services, Android Oreo could be a boon.

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