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Galaxy Note 5 Oreo Update: 6 Reasons to Get Excited & 2 Not To



Galaxy Note 5 Oreo Update Unlikely

Galaxy Note 5 Oreo Update Unlikely

So those are few reasons to start feeling excited about a potential Galaxy Note 5 Oreo update. And now it's time to rain on the parade a little bit. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Oreo update is rumored and T-Mobile seemingly confirmed it a few weeks ago. That's great, but nothing is confirmed until Samsung confirms the Galaxy Note 5 Android Oreo update. 

That could come in the form of a blog post about upcoming Oreo updates. That could come from an interview with an executive. Or it could come in the form of a leak.

None of those have happened so Note 5 users need to temper their expectations as we push into 2018. Odds are still on the Galaxy Note 5 staying put on Nougat.

Samsung's shown an unwillingness to keep up with Apple and its software upgrade protocol and there's no reason, at least at this point, to believe anything has changed. 

Carriers that are typically extremely vocal about their plans remain silent and Samsung's regional arms have left the Galaxy Note 5 off their Oreo roadmaps. 

Samsung Turkey's confirmed Oreo updates through May and the Galaxy Note 5 didn't make the cut. Samsung Canada's also revealed timing for several Android Oreo updates and the Galaxy Note 5 Oreo update isn't included. 

The company's also pulled the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge off its list of monthly and quarterly security upgrades. If the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge aren't getting Oreo there's a very good chance the Galaxy Note 5 will follow suit. 

If Samsung does decide to push a Galaxy Note 5 Oreo update, don't expect it to roll out in April

Samsung is clearly focused on its flagships and bigger name phones like the Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, and Galaxy S7. Those devices are much higher up on the totem pole.

And given that the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S7, and many other high profile Galaxy phones and tablets are still running Android Nougat, we'd expect the Galaxy Note 5 to pretty far down on the company's list of priorities. The roadmaps from Samsung Turkey and Samsung Canada confirm this. 

Also keep in mind Samsung's Android roll outs don't happen in a day. It usually takes several months for Samsung and its partners to deploy major software upgrades. 

Samsung needs to test the software and it then needs to pass the firmware off to carriers for additional testing. This can tack on additional time if the upgrade is buggy and needs more time in a lab. 

If you own a Galaxy Note 5 stay optimistic, but just know that you might have to go the unofficial route to get Oreo and its features on your phone. 

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