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Galaxy Note 5 Oreo Update: 6 Reasons to Get Excited & 2 Not To



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Unofficial Galaxy Note 5 Oreo

Unofficial Galaxy Note 5 Oreo

If Samsung and its carrier partners decline to offer an official Galaxy Note 5 Android Oreo update, Note 5 users will still be able to get most of Oreo's features and tweaks. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is getting older, but the Note 5 development community is still very active and developers continue to roll out new ROMs.

In fact, there are already Galaxy Note 5 Android Oreo ROMs available and developers will continue to tweak them with bug fixes, improvements, and additional features as the year goes on. 

If you don't know how to manually install Android software on your Galaxy Note 5, now would be a great time to learn. 

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