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6 Google Pixel 2 Features We Want in 2017



These are the new Google Pixel 2 features and design changes we want to see from the 2017 Pixel. Recent Pixel 2 rumors aren’t saying much but we still have a good idea about what’s coming. With talks of a dual camera system, bezel-free displays like the LG G6 to waterproofing and bigger screens.

It’s still early, but all signs point to Google once again offering two Pixel phones in 2017. One with a traditional screen size, and another Pixel XL to take on the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8.

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The original Pixel proved Google could create an excellent smartphone experience that rivals the competition. And it did in a very short time frame. Now that the creators of Android have an entire year to plan another phone, potential buyers are extremely excited.

If the Pixel left you wanting something more and you passed on the Galaxy S8, here’s a list of Pixel 2 features and design changes we want to see and expect.

Fan-made concept of the Pixel 2

So far all signs are pointing to Google releasing two Pixel phones again this year. Early rumors suggested three were coming but the mid-range option got canceled. Additionally, those rumors claim HTC will manufacture the smaller device for Google, while LG is in charge of the bigger Pixel XL 2.

We expect to see the Pixel 2 release date in October, which lines up with the annual Google Nexus and Pixel offering. While it’s too early to choose a specific date that’s the expectation. However, the release is subject to change with big phones like the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 rumored for September.

Right now, it’s unlikely that Google will deliver all the features we want, but there is a good chance that most on our list will make the cut. The Pixel 2 is an important release for Google and we suspect this phone will deliver one of the best Android experiences to date.

Pixel 2: A Better Design

Pixel 2: A Better Design

The Google Pixel design is something many users complained about in 2016. That said, HTC made a great phone that's extremely durable and felt great to use. The design grew on my over time, and we've seen similar comments around the web. 

Although, some still claim it looked too much like the iPhone. Or that the glass panel and window on the back was unnecessary. There were no front-facing speakers like the Nexus 6P either.  

For those that don't know, Google scrapped a Nexus phone at the last minute and simply chose HTC to create two phones that became the Pixel and Pixel XL. The development cycle was rushed, and even though it was sold as the first phone "made inside and out by Google" that just isn't the case.  

In 2017, Google now has an entire year under its belt, a full development cycle, and plenty of time to truly create its vision for the first Android 8.0 smartphone. At the same time, will Google keep to the design so buyers know it's indeed a Pixel device? The Nexus lineup never stuck to one design language, so nothing would surprise us here.  

Still, Google's Moto X is a phone millions loved, the Pixel is still popular, and if the company truly designs the Pixel 2 inside and out we can expect big things.

With that all out of the way, here's what we want. A premium design that's even more polished and has its own identity. Bring back dual front-facing speakers, or at least stereo speakers. The design could even leave room for dual cameras on the back and a fingerprint sensor built into the glass. Add all of that to a fancy titanium or ceramic body, and we'll be extremely interested. 



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    06/26/2017 at 2:57 am

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  2. Larisa

    06/28/2017 at 7:42 am

    Pixel 2 will have a much improved camera, though it apparently won’t be all about megapixels and more about extra features instead. The Pixel is coming from a strong place for photography, unlike the previous Nexus handsets, so we hope that continues.

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