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How to Play NHL 20 Early



You can play NHL 20 early with EA Access on PS4 and Xbox One. The NHL 20 Early Access trial is live now on EA Access and you can play for 10 hours.

While the EA Access page didn’t list NHL 20 as coming soon on the Play First Trials, it is now up as a trial for EA Access subscribers

Expect a lengthy download for the 30GB trial as well as a potential for download problems. We saw some users unable to install the Madden 20 trial if they pre-ordered. This will act as a pre-load for any of the NHL 20 editions.

How to play NHL 20 early.

How to play NHL 20 early.

You need EA Access on Xbox One or PS4. This is the first year for EA Access on the PS4. You can buy this for a month for $4.99 or you can get a year for $29.99. You can pick up a subscription on Amazon, with a PSN or Xbox Gift card or directly on your console.

With EA Access, you can play Madden 20 and FIFA 20 for 10 hours as well, and the progress carries over to the final game. You also get a ton of free EA games in the vault and 10% off EA purchases on your console. This includes full games and in-app purchases.

You can pre-order NHL 20 at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Newegg as well as directly on Xbox or Playstation. Click here to see the latest NHL 20 deals.

Early NHL 20 Release Date and Time

The early NHL 20 release date is here, five days before the NHL 20 release date for the special edition.

Find the trial in the game store on your console or in the EA Access Hub.

How to Download the NHL 20 Trial

Expect a NHL 20 Play First Trial from EA.

Expect an NHL 20 Play First Trial from EA.

To download the NHL 20 trial you need to sign up for EA Access first. Once you’ve done this install the EA Access Hub on your console. Open the hub and look for the Game Trials tab, where you should see a listing for NHL 20.

You can also look in the store on your console to see if there is a Try Now button on NHL 20. Don’t buy the game, or click purchase. If you see a try now, you can click on that and start downloading the NHL 20 trial.

NHL 20 Trial Limit

The NHL 20 trial is a 10-hour trial, so you can only play this game for 10 hours before you need to buy the full game. When you finish a gaming session, you need to quit the game and go to the dashboard so that the trial isn’t running in the background.

You cannot easily get EA to reset the trial timer, so pay attention to the limit and make sure you quit. For other games, we’ve seen players make multiple Xbox Live accounts and buy multiple memberships to play more than 10 hours, but this is a lot of work and money considering the special edition arrives on the 10th and the base edition on the 13th.

NHL 20 Trial Contents

You can expect the full NHL 20 game, or nearly all of it, in the trial. If you want to play HUT, Exhibition or other game modes these should all be available. You can start your Hockey Ultimate Team and it will carry over to the full version of the game if you buy it.

You won’t have access to your pre-order bonuses during this trial, so keep that in mind if you think about starting to spend money on in-app purchases.

4 Reasons to Pre-Order NHL 20 & 3 Reasons Not to

Pre-Order for HUT Bonuses

Pre-Order for HUT Bonuses

When you buy any NHL 20 edition, you get HUT bonuses. Unlike with Madden 20, EA specifically calls attention to the fact that these are pre-order bonuses. 

This is specifically for the NHL 20 Deluxe and NHL 20 Superstar editions, but it could also be a part of the base edition as well. EA offers up a massive listing of warnings about these bonuses

If you want the SuperStar and Deluxe editions and you want the full value of your bonus items, you should pre-order NHL 20 to make sure you get it all. 

There are time frames where you must open the packs in order to redeem them. You don't get these all at once, and if you miss a date you lose out. 

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