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How to Sleep & Disable Apps on the Galaxy S9



In this guide we’ll explain how to sleep and disable apps on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Then, go over the benefits of both. These phones come with a bunch of Samsung, Amazon, and carrier apps pre-installed, which often waste space and are rarely used.

And while we’ve detailed how to disable bloatware and pre-installed apps, another option is to simply put them to sleep. This is a quick way to clean up your phone and the application tray. Additionally, you may want to uninstall an app to save space or sleep certain apps while at work to prevent interruptions.

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Samsung actually provides three different methods for managing apps on the Galaxy S9. We can uninstall some, disable anything that was pre-installed, and sleep apps to prevent them from using up battery life in the background. Each method does things slightly different, so choose which one works best for you.

How to Sleep Apps on the Galaxy S9

First, we’ll show you how to sleep apps to prevent specific applications from using too much battery life in the background. Then, share a few other important tips to help you get the most from your phone. If an app is malfunctioning, or if you know an app is using more battery than it should, put it to sleep. Or, if you’re getting a ton of notifications and want to temporarily quiet an app. A good example of this is Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Keep in mind that sleeping apps may not receive updates or be able to send you notifications for incoming messages until you wake it back up.

Press and hold down any app icon on the home screen or in the application tray as mentioned earlier. If eligible, you’ll see an option to “sleep” that app. You’ll have to agree that it might malfunction, but go ahead, and hit ok.

  • Press and hold on an app icon on the homescreen or app tray
  • Select Sleep from the popup menu
  • Hit OK to accept the warning

Now that app will be temporarily shut down and will not use battery life. When you’re ready, tap the app icon again to wake it up. The application will wake up and resume back to full functionality.

In some situations putting an app to sleep will benefit you, or solve the problem you’re dealing with at that moment. However, other problems or apps are more of a pain. In those instances completely disabling the app is your best bet. I disable apps I’ll never use, bloatware that came pre-installed, and troublesome apps. This way your app tray is clean and organized and apps aren’t wasting space.

How to Disable Apps on the Galaxy S9

There are actually two different ways to disable apps on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. The first one is to go to Settings > Applications and manually disable each app you want to get rid of. That’s the best method, although there is a faster way. Here are the step-by-step instructions.

  • Head to Settings from the app on your home screen, or pull down the notification bar and tap the gear-shaped settings button
  • Scroll down and select Apps
  • Select All Apps from the dropdown menu at the top left
  • Find any app you’d like removed and Select it
  • Hit Disable, and tap Confirm to hide that app
  • Repeat the steps to remove any app you’d like

Once you disable an app you’ll no longer see it on your phone or in the app tray. We recommend using caution and only disable apps that you know won’t cause problems by being removed. I disabled everything from Amazon, AT&T, AT&T Data Usage Manager, Hancom, Lookout Mobile Security, PDF Write and a few others. You might want to disable Verizon apps, Sprint NASCAR, T-Mobile TV, etc.

A Few More Details

If you don’t want to disable a bunch of different apps, and just want to quickly get rid of one, we have an easier way. Just press and hold the app icon on your homescreen or in the application tray. Now, instead of tapping on “Sleep” like we mentioned earlier, choose Disable. If the app came pre-installed on your phone simply select the option to disable it.

In closing, do this for any app you’d like to disable. Long press the app icon, tap disable and hit confirm or OK. It will disappear from the app tray and be disabled forever. You can head to Settings > Apps > and find that app and re-enable it at any time if you’d like to restore it. I do this if I need to kill an app quickly, but we recommend going through the instructions above and getting rid of everything at once when you first get the Galaxy S9.

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