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How to Use Smart Lock on the Galaxy S8



With Smart Lock on the Galaxy S8, trusted environments will be recognized and the phone will unlock itself. You won’t need a fingerprint or PIN when you’re home, connected to your car stereo or there’s even an option to set it up to trust voices.

Smart Lock enables the Galaxy S8 to unlock itself most of the time, but you will still have to use the PIN, fingerprint scanner, or Iris eye scanner on occasion.

If you’re getting frustrated trying to scan your eyes or reach the fingerprint scanner we recommend using Smart Lock. Below we go over what you need to know and how to use Smart Lock on the Galaxy S8.

How to Use Smart Lock on the Galaxy S8

Smart Lock is located within the Lock screen and security menu in Settings, Smart Lock gives you several options for fast device access: On-body detection, Trusted places, Trusted devices, and Trusted voice.

  • Tap the gear-shaped Settings button in the notification bar (or find Settings in the app tray)
  • Select Lock screen and security
  • Tap Smart Lock
  • Enter your PIN or password to continue

From here four modes are listed, click one to get started. Here I’ve chosen Trusted devices and then Bluetooth, so when the Galaxy S8 is connected to my stereo or near a smartwatch it doesn’t need to be unlocked. Smart Lock works with any NFC or Bluetooth device.

  • Click Trusted devices
  • Tap + Add trusted device
  • Select from Bluetooth or NFC (it will search and find any nearby connected device)
  • Choose which accessory and then select Add as trusted device

Now the Galaxy S8 will stay unlocked when it’s connected and near that device. If it gets lost or stolen and the connection drops it will instantly lock itself.

More Details

On-body detection will unlock the Galaxy S8 as long as it’s in motion, like when you’re holding it and walking. The Galaxy S8 will lock and require your PIN or fingerprint when it detects that it’s been set down. Just tap On-body detection and flip the switch to on.

Set your home as a trusted place and only unlock it once while you’re home. As soon as you leave a password, pin or fingerprint lock screen security method will be required. This uses GPS, WiFi and Google Maps for an accurate location reading.

Owners of the Galaxy S8 can also set up a trusted voice to quickly unlock it. To try this out, enable “Trusted voice” in the Smart Lock menu, then follow the prompts to train it to recognize your individual voice. Now just say, “Ok Google” and the Galaxy S8 will instantly unlock and bypass the lock screen.

Final Thoughts

Is Smart Lock worth using? Absolutely. It’s extremely easy to set up, convenient and cuts down on how often users need to use a fingerprint scanner or similar lock screen methods.

Trusted Places may drain battery life because it uses GPS. On-body detection may not lock the device immediately, like in cases of theft, as it takes a moment to register. It’s a useful feature but it’s not perfect.

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