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iOS 11.1 Release Date Tips & Tricks



Keep an Eye Out for App Updates

Keep an Eye Out for App Updates

If you want the best possible iOS 11.1 experience you'll probably want to download app updates as they arrive. These updates will help to stabilize your applications with bug fixes and enhancements.

As we push away from the iOS 11 release date we continue to see iOS 11 support updates trickle out. These updates have added new features and fixed issues that popped up after Apple's four iOS 11 releases. 

Before you download an update on your phone or tablet, make sure you read reviews from iOS 11 users. These will alert you to benefits, and issues, with the current version of the app. 

We could see some iOS 11.1-specific support updates emerge before, and after, the software's release date so make sure you keep an eye on the App Store. 

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1 Comment

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