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25 Exciting New iOS 13 & iOS 13.1 Features



PS4 Dualshock & Xbox One Controller Support

PS4 Dualshock & Xbox One Controller Support

Apple finally opens up the iPhone to support controllers that you already own. You can now connect the Xbox One or PS4 Dualshock controllers to the iPhone for gaming. 

This means richer gaming experiences in some of your favorite games and it signals a nice step forward in iPhone gaming. 

In addition to using apps on your iPhone, this also allows you to play your PS4 games with the RemotePlay app and a DualShock 4 controller that will give you a mobile PS4 experience. 

The recently released Steam Link app even allows you to play your Steam library on your iPhone with a controller. 

On iOS 12 you can only use MFI controllers without jumping through hoops. 

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