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25 Exciting New iOS 13 & iOS 13.1 Features



CarPlay Upgrades for iOS 13

CarPlay Upgrades for iOS 13

Apple dramatically changes CarPlay for iOS 13. You now get a new dashboard that shows you an Apple maps screen, time to a destination, a music control area and even a control for your garage door if it works with HomeKit

There is also a calendar app that lets you see your schedule or join a conference call from the car with a tap. The new Music app shows album art so it is easier to use. 

This is a major step up from the simple app icon interface on iOS 12 and needing to constantly switch between different apps to see music and driving information. 

While you can still use Waze and Google Maps, it isn't clear if you will be able to put them into the Dashboard map area. We aren't betting on it. 

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