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25 Exciting New iOS 13 & iOS 13.1 Features



Apple Maps Overhaul with Street View Like Feature

Apple Maps Overhaul with Street View Like Feature

Apple rebuilt the Maps app from the ground up to make it better and add in more details with iOS 13. This is still using the same Apple Maps data, but there are some cool new features. 

The biggest new Apple Maps iOS 13 feature is Look Around. This is like Google Street View, allowing you to look around a destination and move around the neighborhood to see your location ahead of time. 

Collections now allow you to make lists of your own must see places or share with a friend as you plan a trip or give someone a local must see list. 

Favorites now offer fast access to the places you go. Junction view will help you get into the correct lane before you get to an intersection. You can also now share your ETA from Maps. Siris should offer up better directions with a more natural voice. Real time transice, flight status and place cards all get upgrades to deliver a better experience. 

There is no comparison to the iOS 12 version after using the two side by side. It's not a Waze replacement, but it now offers way more than it did on iOS 12. 

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