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iPhone 8 Release Date & Time: 5 Things to Expect & 4 Things Not To



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Don't Expect a Long List of iPhone 8 Accessories

Don't Expect a Long List of iPhone 8 Accessories

Don't expect a robust list of iPhone 8 accessories on day one. 

The iPhone accessory ecosystem is excellent and we expect accessory makers to create some fantastic cases and screen protectors for the next iPhone. That said, we'd expect the selection to be a bit limited in and around the phone's release date.

We typically see a small selection available at the start as case manufacturers ramp up production ahead of the holidays. Many companies are already prototyping cases based on the iPhone 8 leaks, but we typically see a 2-4 week window after the release date before tons of cases are available. 

The potential addition of wireless charging, unknown Touch ID status and a completely new design all can potentially limit the iPhone 8 accessory selection right after the release date. 

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