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iPhone 8 Release Date & Time: 5 Things to Expect & 4 Things Not To



Don't Expect a Flawless Launch

Don't Expect a Flawless Launch

If you want to put in an iPhone order for release date delivery, be prepared to deal with a multitude of problems. 

Every year we hear about iPhone pre-order horror stories. We even have some battle scars of our own. The iPhone launch can be tricky and problematic and we expect tons of problems to emerge next month when devices go on sale. 

We expect websites to buckle once iPhone 8 pre-orders begin. For the best experience you might try using the Apple Store application. 

We also wouldn't be surprised if there were issues with Apple's annual iPhone upgrade plan. Last year, those on the plan couldn't pre-order the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus at midnight. 

This is precisely why you should start preparing for the iPhone 8 release now. This way, you're ready for anything the launch throws your way. 


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