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Madden 21 Release Date, New Features, Editions: 8 Things to Know



The Madden 21 release date is coming later this year to bring a new Madden experience to gamers who may be very hungry for any kind of sports. Here’s what you need to know about the Madden 21 gameplay, editions, features, release date, consoles, and more.

EA confirmed Madden 21 already, and we know that it is coming to current and next-generation consoles as well as who the cover athlete is.

You can count on multiple Madden 21 editions at a range of prices. You can pre-order Madden 21 at GameStop, and we expect to see other retailers join in soon.

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If you are looking to play Madden 20 while you wait, it is included as a free game in The Vault when you subscribe to EA Access or Origin Access.

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Madden 21 Release Date

What we know about the Madden 21 release date.

EA confirmed that the new game is coming this year, despite COVID and unknowns about the NFL season.

We don’t have a specific Madden 21 release date yet. We can tell you when to expect the game though.

The Madden 20 release date landed on July 30th last year for the special edition and on August 2nd for the standard edition.

While COVID and developing remotely could push this back to some degree there is a very good chance that you will be able to play Madden 21 in August.

We should learn the Madden 21 release date within the next few weeks.

Madden 21 Price

Count on three Madden 21 price options.

The base Madden 21 price is $59.99 on the Xbox One and PS4. This is confirmed with a listing on GameStop.

While we could see publishers attempt to raise the base price of games with the Xbox Series X and PS5, that is not the case with Madden 21, at least not yet.

We also expect to see a $79.99 and a $99.99 Madden 21 edition this year. The names of these may change, but they will likely include a range of special Madden Ultimate Team bonus items.

Typically these also allow users to play the full game three days earlier.

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Madden 21 Editions

Last year we saw three Madden 21 editions. The base version, an upgraded version, and a premium edition. The names change a little each year, but this year you can count on a similar three edition setup.

Here’s a breakdown of what we expect you will get with each of these editions.

Madden 21 Pre-Order BonusesMadden 21 Standard EditionMadden 21 Deluxe EditionMadden 21 Ultimate Edition
Base GameYesYesYes
3 Days Early Access to Full GameNoYesYes
5 Gold Team Fantasy PacksYesNoNo
12 Gold Team Fantasy PacksNoYesNo
15 Gold Team Fantasy PacksNoNoYes
Choice of 1 out of 32 Elite PlayersYesYesYes
1 Large Training Quick Sell PackNoYesYes
1 Past and Present Elite Player PackNoNoYes
1 Madden Championship Series PackNoNoYes

The exact names and bonuses will likely vary some this year, but overall you can expect the Fantasy Pack items to remain very similar across the board.

Madden 21 Graphics & Features

EA announced the Madden 21 Xbox Series X release at a special streaming event with Patrick Mahomes, Kanas City Chiefs QB, and in this short video, we get a look at the new Madden 21 graphics.

It’s a quick look at pre-release footage, but it does give you a little bit of an idea of what the graphics will look like on next-gen consoles. You can expect a similar performance on the PS5.

Graphics on the Xbox One and PS4 won’t likely be as sharp, but you can still expect some upgrades.

EA is keeping most new Madden 21 features under wraps, but we can also expect shorter load times on the new consoles, which is great for MUT players grinding through sessions.

Madden 21 Cover

The Madden 21 cover athlete is Lamar Jackson, QB for the Baltimore Ravens and NFL MVP.

Madden 21 Consoles

Madden 21 is optimized for the Xbox Series X.

Right now we know that Madden 21 is coming to the Xbox One and the PS4 on current consoles. This may be a great time to buy a new TV.

We also know that it is coming to the Xbox Series X, which is confirmed. EA did not say anything yet, but you can count on Madden 21 for the PS5.

There is a very good chance that we see Madden 21 for the PC. Madden 20 was available on the PC and it makes sense that we will see this happen again.

We don’t expect Madden 21 for the Nintendo Switch, and there is no chance you get it for the Xbox 360 or the PS3.

Madden 21 Upgrade Offer

Expect a free upgrade if you get an Xbox Series X or PS5 soon after they arrive.

When you buy Madden 21 on the Xbox One, you can get a free upgrade to the Series X version. This is not part of the Smart Delivery feature, but a special offer from EA. Expect to see a similar option for the PS5 this fall as well.

To get this offer on the Xbox One to Series X, you need to buy Madden 21 before the end of 2020 and then upgrade to the Xbox Series X before the end of March 2021.

We know that achievements and progress carry over for the Xbox and expect similar carryover for the PS5.

Play Madden 21 Early

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We expect that you will be able to play Madden 21 early on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

You’ll need to pay for EA Access on consoles or Origin Access on the PC. We typically see this bonus deliver early access five days before the premium edition release date. That means you may be able to play up to eight days before the standard release.

EA Access is $4.99 a month or $29.99 for a year. Origin Access is the same price, and Origin Access Premier is $14.99 a month or $99.99 a year. With the Premier version, you get the full version of games like Madden 21. Both subscription s offer 10% off games and in-game purchases.

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