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NBA 2K20 Release Date & Features: 10 Things to Know



2K Games hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but here’s what you need to know right now about NBA 2K20 based on traditions, rumors, confirmed information, and what we expect from the annual release.

NBA 2K19 is still the flagship game, but that will change later this year when 2K Sports and Visual Dynamics announce a new entry in the long-running series.

We don’t know a ton about NBA 2K20 just yet, but a few things have been confirmed well ahead of the game’s highly anticipated arrival.

Visual Dynamics made an assortment of tweaks to the game last year and you can expect the developer to build on that foundation.

We expect an official NBA 2K20 announcement in the near future with pre-orders for all platforms starting soon after.

With that in mind, here’s a closer look at what you can expect from NBA 2K20’s features, release date, editions, Prelude, and more.

NBA 2K20 Announcement

The NBA 2K20 announcement will likely come in the near future.

EA recently announced Madden 20 and you can expect the NBA 2K20 announcement to come by the end of June with pre-orders starting right after the reveal.

NBA 2K18 was confirmed in early May while NBA 2K19 was confirmed on June 5th. Last year’s announcement was light on details so don’t expect 2K Games and Visual Concepts to show much in the early going.

You can count on an NBA 2K20 release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch. Look for the consoles to share pre-order bonuses and release dates.

We do not expect a release for legacy consoles like the Xbox 360 or PS3.

NBA 2K20 Release Date

We don’t have a release date yet, but you can expect the NBA 2K20 release date to land sometime in September ahead of Black Friday and the holiday shopping season.

According to a leaked image, the NBA 2K20 release date lands on September 6th. It’s unclear if this is the global release date or the early release date for the special edition.

You can expect there to be two NBA 2K20 release dates. An early tipoff for those who pre-order the deluxe version of the game and a global release date for the standard version of the game.

Last year, early tipoff started on September 7th. The standard NBA 2K19 release date landed a few days later on September 11th. You can expect a similar gap for NBA 2K20.

We expect Best Buy and GameStop to host midnight NBA 2K20 launch events giving those who pre-order a chance to pickup their game on the night of the release date.

NBA 2K20 Editions

You can expect two versions of NBA 2K20: A no-frills standard edition and some type of special edition that comes with the early release date and some additional perks. Of course, these will come at an additional cost.

We don’t know what the NBA 2K20 special edition will include, but you can expect it to fall in line with the bonuses that came with NBA 2K19’s 20th Anniversary Edition:

  • Bonus VC (100,000)
  • 50,000 MyTEAM points
  • 20 MyTEAM League Packs
  • 10 MyTEAM Packs

There were also some unique items related to cover athlete Lebron James so we could see some additional content related to NBA 2K20’s cover athlete(s).

The physical version of the game also included a poster, sticker sheet, wristband. Those who bought the game digitally didn’t get these items.

It looks like the special version of NBA 2K20 will be called the NBA 2K20 Legend Edition and it could come with some unique items related to retired Heat legend Dwayne Wade.

NBA 2K20 Cover Athlete

Last year, there were multiple NBA 2K19 cover athletes. Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo graced the cover of the standard edition in North America while Sixers point guard Ben Simmons starred on the standard edition in Australia and New Zealand. Lebron James featured on the 20th Anniversary Edition.

A leak depicts Dwayne Wade on the cover of the NBA 2K20 Legend Edition. Wade has never graced the cover of the NBA 2K series.

It’s unclear if Dirk Nowitzki, a future Hall of Famer who also retired at the end of the regular season, will appear on the cover as well.

A different athlete, likely a current star, will appear on the standard version of the game. Look for an official announcement sometime in June.

NBA 2K20 Pre-Order Bonus

You can expect 2K Sports to offer some sort of pre-order bonus.

Again, we expect the bonus to fall in line with last year’s offerings which included 5,000 Virtual Currency, 10 MyTEAM League Packs (delivered one a week), and 1 Cover Athlete Sapphire MyTEAM Card if you bought the standard edition ahead of time.

NBA 2K20 Price

The standard version of NBA 2K20 will likely start at $59.99 without a deal. A special version of the game could cost a lot more.

Last year, the 20th Anniversary Edition of NBA 2K19 retailed for $99.99 at launch. You can expect the same for this year’s deluxe edition.

Of course, you can expect a few deals before the game’s release date. Retailers like NewEgg often shave a few dollars off pre-orders.

The bulk of NBA 2K20 deals will likely arrive around Black Friday in November, the holidays in December, and in 2020.

NBA 2K20 Features

Last year, it took several months for 2K Sports and Visual Dynamics to run down NBA 2K19’s features. We’re hoping they’re a little more transparent this year.

Right now, we know very little about the game. According to one rumor, which comes from WNBA player Renee Montgomery, the WNBA is included in the game. In what capacity, we aren’t sure.

As for other NBA 2K20 features, here’s what we’ve heard thus far:

2K Games has drummed up speculation about the return of archetypes in a tweet about future NBA point guard Ja Morant, but we wouldn’t read too much into it yet.

NBA 2K20 Prelude

2K Sports typically releases a short demo of the next NBA 2K game ahead of the release date. The demo is called The Prelude and it lets players try a portion of the game early.

Typically, the Prelude goes live a few days before the official release date. Last year, the NBA 2K19 Prelude arrived in late August just ahead of the release in September.

You can expect the NBA 2K20 Prelude to go live somewhere in the same time frame. It should also be a free download for all platforms.

NBA 2K20 Microtransactions

While it would be great to see 2K Games do away with the game’s annoying micro-transactions, known as VC, they’re a cash cow. Expect Virtual Currency to make a return in NBA 2K20.

2K made some adjustments in NBA 2K19 (haircuts went back to being free and there were more opportunities to earn extra VC after games and via daily activities) so there’s a chance we get some improvements in this year’s entry.

However, don’t be surprised when the predatory, pay-to-win model, rears its ugly head.

NBA 2K20 Mobile

You can also expect a version of NBA 2K20 for iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can expect a release for these platforms in and around the release date for consoles.

The mobile version of NBA 2K is typically a stripped down version of the game. It comes with some elements from the consoles, but the devices obviously can’t match the graphical power their counterparts bring to the table.

The Android version of NBA 2K19 was also missing sounds and a multiplayer mode which led to a bunch of complaints from Android phone and tablet owners.

You can expect the mobile version of NBA 2K20 to retail for $7.99 with an assortment of in-app purchases.

10 Exciting New Madden 20 Features

QB1 Personalized Scenarios for Franchise

QB1 Personalized Scenarios for Franchise

QB1 is the new upgrade for the Franchise mode that allows you to play as the main character in your franchise. This allows you to create a quarterback, pick your college and then work your way into the NFL. 

It's not confirmed yet, but we could see face scanning using your phone, similar to how other sports games handle the create a player. 

This will let you work through the College playoffs, the NFL Combine, the NFL Draft, breaking into the NFL and then eventually playing in the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl. 

This ties into the new Scenario Engine that combines your on field and off field actions to influence the next steps. Unlike the story mode in Madden 19, this new mode focuses on creating personalized in game options. 

This all leads up to the start of the typical Franchise mode, so this is a tie in, not a full new mode that stands alone and then stops as soon as you hit the pros. 

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