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October Apple Event: 8 Reasons to Get Excited & 3 Reasons Not To



The 2018 October Apple Event takes place in just over a week and it’s packed with the promise of exciting new products. We’re going to take you on a quick look at the reasons to get excite for the Apple Event and the reasons you shouldn’t get too excited about what they will announce here.

Apple normally hosts major events at their campus in California, but they occasionally diverge to announce products like the $329 iPad that Apple announced at a school in Chicago. On October 30th Apple is taking the show on the road to Brooklyn, New York.

With the tagline, “There’s more in the making.”, Apple didn’t announce any specific items for this event, but given the numerous invites sent out it looks like we will finally see the 2018 iPad Pro. This event will also likely include an array of new Macs. There should be some news on the iOS front as well. Here are the reasons to get excited for the Apple Event in October 2018;

  1. 2018 iPad Pro
  2. 2018 MacBook
  3. 2018 MacBook Air or Cheap MacBook
  4. New Apple Pencil
  5. 2018 iMac
  6. 2018 Mac Mini
  7. iOS 12.1 & watchOS 5.1
  8. AirPods 2

There are also some reasons you shouldn’t get too too excited for the event, depending what you are waiting for. Here are the reasons you shouldn’t get too excited about the October Apple Event;

  1. Don’t Get Excited for a New Mac Pro
  2. Don’t Get Excited for a New MacBook Pro
  3. Don’t Get Excited for the iPhone SE 2

Here’s a closer look at each of these reasons and links to our buying advice to help you decide if it is worth waiting for the new Apple products, or if you should buy them today.


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