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PS4 & PS4 Pro Deals: $50 Off Consoles, PSVR and More



You can save big with the latest PS4 and PS4 Pro deals that take the consoles to new lows and that include a range of great games to get you set up and ready to play. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade to a PS4 or PS4 Pro, this may be the perfect time. This is part of the PlayStation E3 2019 deals and the PS4 Days of Play.

Sony offers a range of discounts on consoles and accessories as well as $20 off PlayStation Plus, which brings the online access to $40 which is in line with the best deals we’ve seen this year.

PS4 & PS4 Pro Deals

Here are the biggest PS4 and PS4 Pro deals we could find. The PlayStation 4 Pro is normally $399, but it is now $50 off at most retailers and you can find bundles as well. The new PS4 Days of Play is a Steel Black model with 1TB of space. Pick up the PS4 Pro Days of Play for $299 at Best Buy

While the PS5 specs are confirmed it is still very early for some people to start waiting. Here’s a rundown of whether or not you should wait for the PS5.

Save with major PS4 and PS4 Pro deals during Days of Play 2019.

Save with major PS4 and PS4 Pro deals during Days of Play 2019.

PS Plus Deals

With PlayStation Plus you can play games online and you get free games every month. If you already have PS Plus you can still add on one or two more years at a discount and it will simply extend your subscription.

This is a great deal and one that you should jump on even if your renewal is months away.

PSVR and Controller Deals

You can save $50 on the PSVR at select retailers and you can also save on controllers including a Alpine Green controller. This is a great deal to jump on if you want to use a PS4 controller with your iPad or iPhone to play games on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 this fall.

The PlayStation Days of Play deals run through June 17th, but if you want any of these deals it is a good idea to jump on them before any sell out.

2 Reasons to Wait for the PS5 & 4 Reasons To Buy a PS4 Pro

Wait for The New PS5 Features

The PlayStation 5 supports up to 8K gaming with 3D Audio and Ray Tracing. Load times are also almost non-existent thanks to a standard SSD and powerful CPU and GPU combo. Here are the PS5 specs. 

  • 8 core AMD Ryzen based on 7nm Zen 2
  • Radeon Navi Based 
  • Raytracing
  • 3D Audio
  • Supports 8K Resolution
  • New PlayStation 5 Controller
  • Backwards Compatible (PS4)
  • Supports Physical Media
  • SSD

It's also nice to see PS4 backwards compatibility and future-proofing with 8K support. 

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