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iOS 13 vs iOS 12: 21 Exciting New iOS 13 Features



Here are the biggest new iOS 13 features coming to the iPhone this year. Yes, we said iPhone, because Apple spun off the iPad version to iPadOS, which is also bringing many new features this fall. We’ll show you how iOS 13 vs iOS 12 looks with comparisons of what’s changed and details about the upgrades and changes coming to your phone laster this year.

Apple packs in a lot of features that users have asked for including a Dark Mode, but that’s not all. The new iOS 13 features include a host of performance upgrades, app redesigns and potentially game changing options for editing photos and videos as well as finding the best photos you’ve taken.

Here's what's new in iOS 13.

Here’s what’s new in iOS 13.

There’s more information about these new features coming soon and information about the iOS 13 update as well as iPadOS, macOS Catalina and watchOS 6.

You can install the iOS 13 beta today, or you can sign up for the public iOS 13 beta. If you decide to go this route, here’s a list of what you need to do before you install the iOS 13 beta on your iPhone.

Here’s what’s new in iOS 13 that’s coming to your Phone and iPod this year.

  1. Dark Mode in iOS 13 – New wallpapers, apps, widgets and more
  2. Quick Path keyboard – You can now swipe to type
  3. New Share Sheet – Suggestions for sharing and new design.
  4. Music App – Time synced lyrics and Dark mode support.
  5. New CarPlay – You get a dashboard, calendar and new music experience.
  6. Reminders App – Completely updated Reminders app with Today, Scheduled, Flagged and All. Plus new AI features and a new look.
  7. Maps Updates – Favorites and Lists of Favorites plus trip planning and ETA sharing. New Street view like feature.
  8. New Location Privacy – Share location once, get background tracking, and WiFi and Bluetooth tracking protection.
  9. Sign in with Apple – You can sign into apps and sites with Apple without sharing tracking info or personal information.
  10. Messages – Share name and Photo with Memoji or Animoji when you message someone.
  11. Memoji – New Memoji customization including makeup, piercings and accessories.
  12. Memoji Stickers – sticker packs for all your Memoji including in messages, apps and you can now use Memoji editing on anything with an A9 chip or later.
  13. Controller Support – Use PS4 or Xbox One controllers with your iPhone.
  14. Camera Upgrades – iOS 13 portrait lighting upgrades – High Key Mono and you can adjust lighting effects.
  15. New Photo & Video Editing – Easily edit your photos in new ways and you can now edit videos just like you do a photo. This includes rotating videos and adding filters
  16. Photos App Upgrades – Machine Learning removes duplicates and helps surface the good ones. You’ll also get albums of key moments.
  17. HomeKit Secure Video – Video analyzing done locally and then stored in iCloud.
  18. HomeKit at the Router – Routers providing additional security right at the router level.
  19. Performance Upgrades – Apps Launch Twice as Fast + 30% Faster Face ID.
  20. Space Saving Upgrades – 50% smaller downloads and 60% smaller updates.
  21. External Storage – You can connect a SD card or thumbdrive to the iPhone and import into the Files app.

The iOS 13 update is a free update coming to most iPhones and iPods this fall. Apple is not bringing it to the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, so if you own one of these devices you will need to upgrade to a new iPhone or wait for the 2019 iPhone.

Dark Mode in iOS 13

The biggest change to iOS in years is the new Dark Mode. This is a much requested feature and one that will help you easily use your iPhone in low light -- or just see a cool new dark theme all the time. 

The new Dark Mode in iOS includes dark themes for the stock apps and menus, and you will also see support from many third party apps. We already love apps like Apollo for Reddit and Tweetbot that offer up great dark themes and look forward to more with iOS 13. 

You can set up Dark Mode to be the default way you use your iPhone, you can set a schedule to switch between light and dark, or you can simply switch in the settings or Control Center. 

While iOS 12 apps can add in their own Dark mode options and settings, this is the first system wide Dark Mode in IOS outside of an accessibility hack. 

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