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7 Reasons Not to Install macOS Catalina & 14 Reasons to Install macOS 10.15.7 Today



Install for iCloud Drive Folder Sharing

Install for iCloud Drive Folder Sharing

If you use iCloud Drive to share files, or work with people who do, you will want to install this update so that you have all the same features from your iPhone on your Mac. 

This new feature includes controls over who can use these files;

  • iCloud Drive folder sharing from Finder
  • Controls to limit access only to people you explicitly invite or grant access to anyone with the folder link
  • Permissions to choose who can make changes and upload files and who can only view and download files

It may not replace Dropbox or OneDrive on day one, but you may need this feature soon and installing macOS 10.15.4 is the only way to get it on your Mac. 

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