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Apple TV, Podcasts & Apple Music on Your Mac

Apple TV, Podcasts & Apple Music on Your Mac

Apple goes hard with entertainment apps in macOS Catalina. You get a new Apple Music app, an Apple TV App for the first time, Podcasts and a plethora of other Mac apps from the iPad. 

The new Apple Music is designed to take full advantage of Apple Music, leaving iTunes in the dust. That's good because iTunes is gone. If you're an Apple Music subscriber, this is a cool new feature. 

Apple TV is on Mac for the first time, giving you a much better way to keep up on your TV shows and watch movies you've purchased on iTunes over the years. You can also get Apple TV+ on your Mac. 

Podcasts are also now on Mac, with an experience like what you've been using on your iPhone for years. You can pick up between devices easier and you get notifications for new podcasts on your Mac. 

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