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6 Reasons Not to Install macOS Catalina & 12 Reasons to Install macOS 10.15.3 Today



Don't Install If Are Worried About macOS Catalina Problems

Don't Install If Are Worried About macOS Catalina Problems

There are already some macOS Catalina problems, and there will likely be more as additional users install the software and try to use it in ways and configurations Apple didn't plan or test for. We have a guide on how to fix macOS Catalina problems, but one way to avoid them is to not install Catalina yet. 

Even with the beta and staggered release from iOS and iPad OS, expect a bumpy start. If you don't want to deal with problems and errors related to being an early adopter, skip macOS Catalina for now. 

We're now hearing reports of EFI problems when upgrading, which bricks the Mac and leaves users with a blinking question mark folder on boot. This likely is an EFI firmware corruption.

We could see performance, battery life, and connectivity issues appear as more users install the update. We'll be updating our coverage of macOS Catalina problems and listing fixes as we go hands-on. 

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