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7 Reasons to Buy the Oculus Quest & 3 Reasons Not To



“Should I buy the Oculus Quest?” is a question I hear a lot as more consumers learn about this new standalone VR headset. It’s a question I was asking myself up until I decided to pull the trigger and buy one.

This guide will help you decide if you should buy the Oculus Quest in 2020 or if you should wait or look at alternatives.

The Oculus Quest is a VR headset that includes everything you need to play in the box. You can buy the Oculus Quest for $399 with 64GB of storage and $499 with 128GB. In April 2020, it is still tough to find the Quest in stock at these prices, but you can pay a premium or you can wait until you find one in stock.

Here’s our guide on how much Oculus Quest storage you need and how to find it in stock. There are already a lot of Oculus Quest accessories available. If you’re still learning about this VR headset, we have a full rundown of what the Oculus Quest can do. This will help you understand the full value of this headset.

Here’s a closer look at the reasons to buy the Oculus Quest;

  1. Enjoy VR without a Computer
  2. Cheaper than Traditional VR Setups
  3. Good Selection of Games
  4. Consumer Friendly Game Return Policy
  5. Portable and Easy to Get Started With
  6. Official Streaming from Your PC Support
  7. Controllers are a Game Changer

Buy the Oculus Quest at AmazonGameStopBest BuyDirect from OculusWalmart, and at Newegg.

There are also some reasons not to buy the Oculus Quest yet.

  1. Still an Early VR Product
  2. It’s Expensive Compared to a PS4 or Xbox One S
  3. Battery Life is Only 2 Hours

Read on in the sections below to learn more about why you should buy the Oculus Quest and why you should wait.

Enjoy VR Without a Computer

Enjoy VR Without a Computer
$399.99 from Amazon

The isn't the first or only VR headset that doesn't require a computer but it is the most full featured one I've seen. Instead of connecting a VR headset to a powerful computer, setting up room sensors and worrying about stepping on wires. 

Instead of using a powerful computer, there is a processor in the Quest that powers the gaming experience. Sensors on the outside of the headset allow you to move around with six degrees of freedom for Roomscale VR. 

As someone that is primarily a Mac user and a console gamer, the Oculus Quest appeals to me as a way to experience virtual reality without investing in a full on VR system with a powerful gaming computer. 

It's a nice way to step into VR that feels more like a full PC setup than the early VR headsets you plugged your phone into. 

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