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15 Exciting Things You Can Do With the Oculus Quest



The Oculus Quest is a VR headset that you can use to play Virtual Reality games, delve into experiences and much more. There are a lot of things the Oculus Quest can do. Here are the most exciting things you can do with the Quest in VR.

Whether you are looking to buy an Oculus Quest, convince someone that you should buy one or looking to do more with the Quest that you already own, this is the list of cool things the Oculus Quest can do.

While most VR headsets either need a powerful computer or are dramatically underpowered, the Quest strikes a nice middle ground with enough power to play some of the most popular VR games without being tethered to a computer or requiring a time intensive room setup to allow you to move around in space.

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You will need an iPhone or Android phone to manage the setup and to handle a few of the management options, but this doesn’t power the headset. There are an incredible amount of things that you can do with the Oculus Quest. While you might not expect it, there are even some games that you can play to get in shape and there are loads of multiplayer games so it’s not a solo experience.

If you are thinking about buying the Oculus Quest we have a guide to finding one in stock and a walkthrough to help you decide how much Oculus Quest storage you need.

Buy the Oculus Quest at AmazonGameStopBest BuyDirect from OculusWalmart and at Newegg.

What Can the Oculus Quest Do?

Here are the cool things the Oculus Quest can do.

Here are the cool things the Oculus Quest can do.

The Oculus Quest is a VR headset, but if it is your first Virtual Reality headset you may not know exactly what it can do or what you can expect from it. The Quest lets you play games, immerse yourself into VR experiences and you can also watch content. This is still an early generation standalone VR headset and it is very new, so you can expect to see new Oculus Quest features added as games arrive and updates roll out.

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This isn’t the only VR headset and it’s not the only standalone option, but it feels like the first true standalone VR headset that delivers an experience that is worth the price of admission and it offers an ease of setup that allows you to jump in and out VR easily. The room sensing abilities and easy startup make this a great VR experience to jump into even when you only have 15 minutes to play and it makes sharing the VR experience easier.

Here are the cool things the Oculus Quest can do;

  1. Play VR Games Without a Computer or Phone
  2. Play Sitting or Standing
  3. Stream Games to a TV So Other People Can Watch
  4. Truly Portable VR
  5. Play Multiplayer Games
  6. Keep You In a Safe Gaming Space
  7. Stream Movies and Shows
  8. Sideload Games
  9. Work With Glasses
  10. Plug In Headphones for Better Sound
  11. Customize and Upgrade
  12. Record or Share Your Games
  13. Get in Shape with VR
  14. Paint in 3D
  15. Scare Your Friends

While there are some ways you can stream from a gaming PC to your Oculus Quest, the easiest method isn’t available, so we’re not breaking it out as a specific thing the Quest can do until it is better supported for the average user.

Check out more details about each of these things the Quest can do, and learn how they work in the slides below.

Play VR Games Without a Computer or Phone

Play VR Games Without a Computer or Phone

The Oculus Quest is a standalone VR headset that lets you play games without a powerful gaming computer or without plugging your phone into a headset. 

With this setup you get an immersive experience with no wires and you get two included controllers that really bring the experience together. There is no plugging in a phone or worrying about wires, you simply put the Quest on and you can start playing.

This isn't the first time this has been possible, but it is definitely the most well rounded version we've used and it is one of the coolest things that the Oculus Quest does. 

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