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6 Reasons to Wait for the Apple Watch 6 & 5 Reasons Not To



If you’re looking to buy an Apple Watch in 2020, there are great reasons you should wait for the Apple Watch 6 instead of buying what’s on the market today. Here’s why you should wait for the 2020 Apple Watch, and why you should click buy today.

The Apple Watch 5 is a few months old, but it is still shiny and new. You can even save with Apple Watch Series 5 deals that happen regularly.

If you’re looking for an Apple Watch in 2020, the Apple Watch 5, Apple Watch 4 and even Apple Watch 3 are good options, but you should also consider waiting for 2020 Apple Watch, aka the Series 6.

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It looks like Apple is pushing the envelope for the Apple Watch 6 with bigger upgrades than we got this year, and if an Always On Display and Compass didn’t convince you to upgrade, you may want to hold on for the next model.

Apple Watch 6 Rumors

What we know about the Apple Watch Series 6 so far.

What we know about the Apple Watch Series 6 so far.

The Apple Watch 6 release date and announcement is still a long way off, but we are hearing credible Apple Watch Series 6 rumors arrive as 2020 kicks off. This is in stark contrast to the Apple Watch 5 rumors that were minimal up until very close to the release date.

There is a chance that we will see a 2020 Apple Watch release this spring, but that is rumored to be a Product(RED) version of the Apple Watch 5.

The 2020 Apple Watch will include faster performance, even more, water-resistance and better wireless speeds for both cellular and WiFi. The report from TF International Securities is authored by Ming-Chi Kou, who has a great track record with Apple rumors.

Part of the iOS 14 code suggests that Apple is planning to add blood oxygen detection to the Apple Watch 6 this year. 9to5Mac notes that this could be a software upgrade that comes to some recent models, but there is also a chance that it is only available on the new Apple Watch. The same report mentions ECG improvements at heart rates between 100-120 beats per minute.

We may also see upgraded sleep tracking or the Apple Watch 2020 model, along with a potential MicroLED display upgrade. Apple’s been testing sleep tracking for the Apple Watch since earlier this year, but they did not include it in the Apple Watch 5. The Micro LED display could replace the OLED screen used in the current models. This could allow Apple to slim down the Apple Watch, add a brighter display or offer better overall battery life.

Another report suggests Apple will switch Apple Watch suppliers in 2020. A new company will make the S chips that run the Apple Watch. It’s not clear what this change means for consumers in terms of features just yet, but it is a sign of things to come.

Here’s a closer look at the reasons to wait for the 2020 Apple Watch, and why you shouldn’t wait for the new model.

Wait for a New Apple Watch Design & Features

Wait for a New Apple Watch Design & Features

The Apple Watch 5 is a relatively minor update, and we're expecting Apple will push forward with a bigger upgrade for the Apple Watch 6. 

Reports already indicate that Apple is making the new Apple Watch 2020 model with new display tech that could enable a slimmer design. We're also hearing that the new model will be more waterproof. 

In a report in March, we learn that the Apple may be adding in blood oxygen level tracking and an improved ECG monitor. In March 2020, we've heard additional reports of this feature for the Apple Watch 6. 

If Apple is making big changes to these features, it makes sense that they will also make changes to the Apple Watch design. Yes, there is still a very good chance that they keep the recognizable square design, but we could see Apple move things in a new direction.

Our best guess is that Apple will slim the Apple Watch slightly and potentially tweak the color options even more for the 2020 Apple Watch. 

If you are interested in a new Apple Watch design, you should wait to see what Apple does in 2020. 

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