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8 Reasons to Wait for the OnePlus 8 & 4 Reasons Not To



You might have your eyes on the Galaxy Note 10 or the new Pixel 4 but some of you might be better off waiting for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro in 2020.

The OnePlus 7 Pro or even the cheaper OnePlus 7T are both great phones worth consideration, but so is the upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro. So, If the current lineup of fancy phones with pop-up or in-display cameras fail to catch your attention, or they aren’t a big enough of an upgrade for you, you should seriously think about waiting for next year’s flagship OnePlus 8 release.

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OnePlus 8 Rumors (November 2019)

While the company hasn’t confirmed the OnePlus 8, we all know it’s coming. In fact, we’re already seeing leaks from a highly reputable source that shows minor but very important upgrades that could make it an excellent alternative to the Galaxy S11 in 2020. Not only in terms of the design, but with 5G speeds on most major US carriers. Keep in mind that’s the cheaper regular 8, not the Pro.

OnePlus continues to make huge strides with each upgrade, and every phone is far and away much better than the previous generation. We’re expecting a pretty big upgrade next year, even if these new leaks show a phone that’s very similar visually to the OnePlus 7 Pro.

If you look close, we see a phone that’s very similar to models from earlier this year, but with a few big differences. For one, the screen is more curved, very similar to the curved edge of a Galaxy smartphone. It also looks like OnePlus will ditch the pop-up camera for an in-display front-facing camera. We’re hoping this is actually under the screen and not just a cutout in the display like the Galaxy S10. Otherwise, some users may see that as a step backward. It’s hard to know for sure, but early reports say it’s a cutout.

OnePlus’ parent company Oppo is working very hard and under-display camera technology, and it could debut in the OnePlus 8 and beat Samsung to the punch. Cameras that hide under the screen but still work when you need them to.

OnePlus 8 Pro Rumors & Leaks (November 2019)

Even better, we’re already seeing similar leaks for the bigger, better, more exciting OnePlus 8 Pro. Showing quad cameras on the back, a similar cut-hole display setup, and a sleek overall design that’s similar yet slightly improved. Here’s the OnePlus 8 Pro with a 6.65-inch display.

Of course, we can also expect a brand new faster processor, likely the Snapdragon 865, and other improvements. This first leak claims the OnePlus 8 will finally get wireless charging and improved dual stereo speakers, too. If that’s accurate we’re confident in saying the OnePlus 8 may be better than the Galaxy S11 in 2020. Simply because the current OnePlus 7 Pro already has several features the competition lacks. Like a higher 90 Hz display, a bezel-free design with the pop-up camera, and blazing fast performance.

That said, judging by these photos it almost looks exactly like the Galaxy S10, so who knows anymore. These photos also show the 8 Pro will have three rear cameras and a 4th ToF camera sensor, similar to Huawei phones.

We’re still several months away from pinpointing new features or seeing more leaks, and the phone likely won’t debut until March or April of 2020. If OnePlus can continue to improve everything like it has over the last few years and get more carriers on board, the OnePlus 8 might be the phone to buy in 2020. Here are the best reasons to wait for the OnePlus 8, and why you might want to skip waiting and buy something today.

Wait For An Even Better Screen

Wait For An Even Better Screen

Honestly, we're not really sure what OnePlus has planned for the OnePlus 8, mainly because they could take the screen several different directions.

Its current phones are already better than most of the competition, so they may not need to push the envelope and offer an under-display camera or anything too crazy. However, we think they'll do exactly that, or at least offer an in-display front camera. This gets rid of the breakable moving front camera, and will let them waterproof the phone. Yes, we think they'll finally certify the OnePlus 8 for IP67 or 68. 

Additionally, we think they'll be increasing the screen from 90 Hz to 120 Hz, making it one of the fastest refresh rates on any high-end flagship phone. We've seen this from a few other brands, and it makes sense for the company.

Neither Samsung or Apple offer 90 Hz displays, at least not yet. They could in 2020, like Samsung's Galaxy S11, so OnePlus jumping to 120 Hz would be a smart move. 

Either way, the screen will somehow be better. Maybe part of that is an under-display front-facing camera so they can ditch the popup, a new and improved under-display fingerprint scanner, 120 Hz, or something else entirely. A OnePlus patent even hints at a pop-up display (not just a camera) which would truly be unique, but that's a stretch. 

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