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10 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Oreo Release Date Tips



Don't Trust Customer Service Reps

Don't Trust Customer Service Reps

With the Galaxy S8 Oreo roll out getting closer and rumors flying around, we're getting questions about the information coming from Samsung customer service reps. 

According to multiple Samsung customer service reps, Samsung's Galaxy S6 will get upgraded to Android Oreo. In fact, at least one rep told a customer they would get the update in January or February. If you're curious, check out these threads on Reddit and XDA-Forums.

If Samsung customer service reps are telling Galaxy S6 users they're getting Android Oreo then surely the Galaxy Note 5, a newer device, is getting Android Oreo as well? Nope. 

Online Samsung customer service representatives have an incredibly bad track record when it comes to releasing accurate information about unconfirmed Android updates. We've covered these updates for years and they've been wrong many, many, times in the past. 

At this point, there's no reason to believe this information or any future information they pass along. It's unreliable and it'll set improper expectations. 

The only credible information we've seen thus far come from a user on Weibo, the leaked Galaxy Note 8 Oreo beta, and T-Mobile

The Weibo user, who's leaked information about Android updates in the past, posted an unofficial list of Galaxy Android Oreo updates. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 are on the list. 

However, the unofficial list of updates from the Galaxy Note 8's Oreo software doesn't list the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Note 5. 

That said, nothing is official until it comes from Samsung so make sure to temper your expectations moving forward. 

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