Should You Buy Destiny 2 Limited Edition?
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Should You Buy Destiny 2 Limited Edition?



The Destiny 2 release date is just days away, and the time to place your pre-order is now. That can leave you wondering whether buying Destiny 2 Limited Edition is the right move. For some people, it is. It’s not as simple a decision as you’d assume for others.

Your decision to buy or not buy Destiny 2 Limited Edition is made harder by the game’s complicated line-up. Destiny 2 is launching on the Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs, and each platform the game is on has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, PS4 owners get in-game content that no one else does. There are standard editions that cost $60 and collector’s editions that cost $249.99. Also, you can’t buy Destiny 2 Limited Edition anywhere else but GameStop. This means not taking advantage of any Destiny 2 deals you’ve discovered at other retail stores.

Destiny 2 launches on the Xbox One and PS4 on September 6th, 2017, and you should pre-order a copy of the game before that happens. Use this guide to decide whether you should buy Destiny 2 Limited Edition or not

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The Destiny 2 Limited Edition Price

How much money are you willing to spend on the Destiny 2 release? That’s where any decision to buy Destiny 2 Limited Edition should start.

Destiny 2 Limited Edition costs $99.99 at GameStop. We don’t have any other shops to compare that price to because this edition of the game is exclusive to the store. That’s the cost before taxes and any trade-ins that you may have.

Compare that to the standard cost of Destiny 2 and you get the real cost of Destiny 2 Limited Edition. Xbox One and PS4 users pay $59.99 for the game. That’s a markup of $40. You have to decide if that markup is worth the collectibles you get.

What Collectibles Come with Destiny 2 Limited Edition

Just as you do with the standard bundle, you get a copy of Destiny 2 when you buy Destiny 2 Limited Edition. That’s not always true of limited edition bundles for video games.

It’s the physical trinkets and season pass that you’re paying for with Destiny 2 Limited Edition. The game comes in a Limited Edition SteelBook case for you to add to your existing collection of SteelBook cases or start a new one. Buying Limited Edition or one of the more expensive bundles is the only way to get it.

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All Destiny 2 Limited Edition comes in a collector’s box of its own that’s designed to mimic the design of the Cabal. This box is golden and white, with accents that match the Cabal’s armor.  The Cabal are the enemies that the character you create fights in the game’s story.

Inside the box are all the collectibles Bungie and Activision hope you put on your mantel.  The booklet of secrets, schematics, and pawns that come with the game are inspired by the Cabal too. You also get some collectible postcards with the Limited Edition.

If you pre-order at GameStop, you get a Clyde-6 figure that doesn’t come with Destiny 2 otherwise. This figure stands 6-inches tall and isn’t available at other stores when you buy the game.

What DLC Comes with Destiny 2 Limited Edition

The second set of extras you get with Destiny 2 Limited Edition are all game content. That is, you can do more with these than just admire them on a shelf. They change your game experience.

The most important of all the extras is the Destiny 2 Expansion Pass. This Expansion Pass unlocks two major game updates after release. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about those expansions besides they contain new story missions, Raids, Crucible multiplayer maps, weapons, armor and gear. Bungie hasn’t revealed their launch windows or themes.

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At launch, you get the Destiny 2 Premium Digital Content Pack. This pack unlocks a single Emote, a Legendary Sword and a Cabal Emblem for your character. These items may become impossible, or nearly impossible to get after the game launches.

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Finally, because it’s a pre-order, you also get the Coldheart Exotic Rifle and Kill Tracker Ghost items with Destiny 2 Limited Edition. These items could get harder to find once the game launches.

Should You Buy Destiny 2 Limited Edition?

So, now that you know what’s included with Destiny 2 Limited Edition, you can decide whether buying it is a good idea.

If you’re really worried about how much money you’re spending on the game, definitely don’t buy Destiny 2 Limited Edition. The physical and digital extras aren’t worth taxing your entertainment budget for the money. Also, you can purchase the Destiny 2 Season Pass separately when you do have the extra money. It should cost $30 to $40 on its own. You could also save cash by buying the Destiny 2 Game + Season Pass Bundle and save $10.

If cash is no problem and you liked the first game, definitely spend the cash on Destiny 2 Limited Edition. You get some cool keepsakes for your display case and access to a year’s worth of content without spending any extra money.

4 Reasons Not to Pre-Order Destiny 2 & 4 Reasons You Should

Pre-Order to Get Early Access to the Destiny 2 Beta

Pre-Order to Get Early Access to the Destiny 2 Beta

Gamers that place a Destiny 2 pre-order won't spend hours downloading the files they need for the Destiny 2 Beta. They will get time with the game before it's opened to the public. 

The Destiny 2 Beta opens to PC players on on August 28th for anyone that pre-orders a PC copy of the game. The open beta starts on August 29th, and everyone will attempt to play the game then.

Open betas come with hiccups, and gamers create long loading times by trying to play at the same time. It also takes a long time to download the necessary files through the Blizzard software.

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1 Comment

  1. Rachel K.

    09/01/2017 at 4:54 pm

    I mean, I would preorder the limited edition if Gamestop hadn’t closed preorders already. Even the PC limited edition is closed, and that comes out in two months. Really unhappy.

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