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Sling TV Problems & How to Fix Them



This guide will show you how to fix common Sling TV problems so you can get back to watching your favorite programming.

We’ll help you find sports even if it looks like the game is blacked out on Sling TV, let you know if Sling TV is down or if there are Sling TV problems today.

In this guide, we also cover common Sling TV error codes, and what you need to do to fix these.

Sling TV isn’t typically down for extended periods, but there are occasional outages where you will see problems when many people are trying to watch something or when there is a network problem that knocks out coverage,.

We’ll walk through a collection of Sling TV problems with specific fixes, and fixes that you need to try when you simply cannot stream Sling TV, but you have a problem.

Is Sling TV Down?

What to do if Sling TV is down.

What to do if Sling TV is down.

One of the biggest Sling TV problems is when the service is down for you, or for a number of users.

The first thing to do is check the Sling TV status page, which will show you if Sling TV is down, and any information about the outage.

You can also check on Twitter where the company offers quick replies to outages and other problems.

How to Fix Sling TV Buffering or Lag

The most annoying issue is when you constantly deal with Sling TV buffering or Sling TV Lag. You can take several steps to fix this on your end.

One of the biggest reasons for this is that you don’t have a fast enough connection. Sling TV recommends;

  • Constant speed of 3.0 Megabits per second or more – Streaming video content on portable devices such as, tablets and phones.
  • Constant speed of 5.0 Megabits per second or more – Single stream of video content on a TV, PC, or Mac.
  • Constant speed of 25 Megabits per second or more – Recommended for households who maintain Internet use on multiple devices.

You can check the speed of your connection using on your device. Test it on that specific device and in the location it is normally in.

How to fix Sling TV buffering and lag.

How to fix Sling TV buffering and lag.

If it is well below the listed speeds, or below what you pay for, then you need to take a few steps. If the speeds are slow on all of your devices, even near your router, you need to take action.

  1. Unplug the router and modem.
  2. Wait 60 seconds and then plug both back in and wait for them to connect.
  3. Restart the device you are trying to stream on and then connect to WiFi.
  4. Run a new speedtest and see if things are better.
  5. If the speed is good, try streaming Sling TV now.

In cases where this isn’t helping the problem, you may need to move your router, streaming device or upgrade your WiFi. This is especially true if you only have the issue in specific locations. Here are some of the best whole home WiFi routers to buy.

How to Fix Sling TV Login Problems

Are you not able to login to Sling TV? This may be due to Sling TV being down, or it could be that your password is not correct.

The best thing to do is close the Sling TV app completely and re-open it and then try to login. If you still cannot login, check to see if you can login on another device or if Sling TV is down.

If there is no outage, you may need to reset your Sling TV password to get this to work. Use this page to get help with your Sling TV password.

How to Fix Not Being Able to Watch Sling TV on More Than One Device

With Sling TV Orange you can only watch on one device at a time. This is a limitation of that plan. The only way to watch on more than one device at a time is to upgrade.

Sling Blue allows you to watch on three devices at one time. If you combine Sling Orange+Sling Blue, you can watch on four devices at a time.

How to Fix Sling TV Error 4-310

If you see Sling Error 4-310, and you are using Google Chrome to watch Sling TV, you should stop and try a different browser.

This is a known issue and it is limited to Chrome. You can fix this by switching to another browser on your computer.

How to Fix Sling TV Audio Sync Issues

Sometimes the Sling TV audio will be out of sync with the video. This means you will notice people on TV talking before or after you hear them.

This can be a Sling problem, or it can be an issue with your soundbar or headphones.

The first thing to do is restart the Sling TV app on your device. If this doesn’t solve the problem you should try restarting all of your devices, including the TV, streaming device, soundbar, headphones and anything else connected with watching Sling.

This should solve most issues. If not, check to see if it is a problem with only one channel or only with Sling TV.

If it is working fine on other channels, it might be an error with that program that you cannot fix. If it is happening with all devices connected to your TV or soundbar, you can often change the audio timing in the settings.

Look in the TV settings for Sound or Audio and then for Audio Delay and adjust until it is matched up.

How to Fix Missing Local Channels on Sling TV

You can fix a local missing channel on Sling TV by checking for IP errors. You can only watch local channels when you are in your local area. At home this is done using a check to see where you are located.

Use this IP lookup tool to see if Sling shows you as being in your correct location. You’ll want to use a WiFi only device that is connected to your home network.

If the tool shows you are in the wrong location, you need to contact Sling using this form.

On Android devices you need to make sure location services are on. Go to Settings -> Location -> Google Location Reporting 0 > Location Reporting -> On.

How to Fix Sling TV Cloud DVR Problems

How to fix Sling TV Cloud DVR problems.

How to fix Sling TV Cloud DVR problems.

There is a known issue with Sling TV Cloud DVR on Windows 10 and the Xbox One.

Sling hopes to have a fix in place by the end of July, but until then you should look in the On Demand section to watch programing instead of using Cloud DVR.

How to Fix Sling TV Error 6-402

The Sling TV error 6-402 is what you will see when something is blacked out. This is typically a sports game, but it doesn’t mean you can’t watch. There’s no need to fake your iPhone location, just look on another channel.

In most cases you will see this error when you are on a local channel, but the game is likely still showing on the national channel. Instead of looking locally, check the national broadcast and tune in to see your team.

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