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How to Stop Promotions & File Explorer Ads in Windows 10



We were expecting to hear a lot of things when Microsoft announced Windows 10. We weren’t ready for the company to let Windows 8 and Windows 7 users upgrade to Windows 10 at no charge. The days and months after the announcement were pandemonium. Many asked how the company planned to profit from the operating system while giving it away. Lots of things were suggested, but no one even considered File Explorer ads in Windows 10.

As part of the buildup for Windows 10, teams at Microsoft seemed to rethink how they approached getting the word out to users about new products. The company had delivered operating system updates for years but you needed a new PC with the upgrade already on it or more than $100 to purchase it outright. Like Apple and Google, Microsoft turned to making everything a service. There are Office 365 Home and Business subscriptions for those that need productivity apps. OneDrive, which is built into Windows 10, allows you to easily store more files than your computer alone can handle. The included Windows Store offers sales and discounts on movies all the time. Microsoft Groove Music can easily replace a Spotify subscription for $9.99. Microsoft Edge can replace your browser.

Use these tips to stop File Explorer ads in Windows 10 and other promotions.

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You already know all of this because File Explorer ads and other sly tricks tucked into Windows 10 have likely informed you of these things. Here’s how to stop File Explorer ads in Windows 10 and put a stop to the operating system’s other slick ways of offering you services that you may not want.

Stop File Explorer Ads in Windows 10

A picture of the OneDrive File Explorer ads in Windows 10 captured by Extreme Tech.

Start by putting an end to the OneDrive ads that now surface in Windows 10 automatically. It’s the most blatant and annoying instance of File Explorer ads in Windows 10 by far. These adds will offer you an Office 365 subscription tat includes OneDrive storage.

Open any File Explorer window.

Click on File.

Click on Change Folder and Search Options.

Select the View tab.

Look for Show sync provider notifications. Uncheck the box and click on Ok.

Stop App Recommendations in Windows 10

Notice the Suggested app in the left of this Windows 10 Start Menu.

The Windows Store is growing into a very useful place to find apps, especially now that some classic Desktop apps are making their way in. Still, no one wants a nudge to buy new apps, movies or games every time they open their Start Menu or Start Screen.

Open the Settings app by clicking on the gear in the bottom corner of Start.

Tap on Personalization.

Select Start.

Now flip the switch labeled Occasionally Show Suggestions in Start. App recommendations should no longer appear on your Start experience.

Turn Off Tips and Links on the Windows 10 Lock Screen

Windows Spotlight surfaces tips and tricks on your Windows 10 lock screen.

Your lock screen should be just a place for you to look at your favorite images and sign into your PC. Windows 10 has a feature that also lets Microsoft and Cortana add content to your lock screen too. Go to the Settings app.

Select Personalization.

Click or tap on Lock Screen.

Now uncheck the switch labeled, Get fun facts, tips and more from Windows and Cortana on your lock screen.

Stop Groove Music Pass Teasing in Windows 10

Groove Music radio stations aren’t available without a Groove Music Pass.

Groove Music Pass has been around in some form for years. That being said, it’s never enjoyed such a high-profile perch as it does in this latest operating system. After all, Groove Music is the default playback for app for audio files. While you’re in there you don’t just get a look at your songs. The app teases with free clips of songs available through Groove Music Pass. It also showcases the Radio feature, despite you not having a Groove Music Pass.

There’s good news. Recent versions of Groove Music for Windows 10 feature a switch that allows you to hide all the Groove Music Pass options, including the Explore and Radio tabs.

Open the app.

Tap on Settings cog in the left-bottom corner of the app.

Now flip the switch labeled Hide Features Related to Groove Music Pass.

Turn Off the Windows Store Live Tile

Notice the advertisements for new content in the Windows Store Live Tile.

Microsoft pins the Windows Store to the taskbar of every PC to make it easy to discover. Right-click on the Store icon to Unpin it. Additionally, right-click on the Store Tile and select Turn Off Live Tile to get rid of the revolving set of images that it uses to promote new additions to the Windows Store in the Start menu and Start Screen.

Turn Off Cortana in Microsoft Edge

Cortana will offer you a coupon when you visit some shopping websites in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser in Windows 10. The company made it specifically to replace Internet Explorer. It’s better at scaling on displays with high detail, offers ways to keep the tabs you have open to a minimum and even picked up support for reading eBooks recently. Those are all great things.

One thing that hasn’t been so great is Microsoft Edge’s constant link to Cortana. The personal assistant shows up automatically when you visit shopping websites to ask if you’d like to see any coupons. You can turn this off.

Open Microsoft Edge and tap or click on the three dots in the top-right corner.

Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Tap or click on View Advanced Settings.

Turn off the switch labeled Have Cortana Assist Me in Microsoft Edge.

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Good luck stopping File Explorer ads and other annoying promotions in Windows 10.

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