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15 Surprising Things You Can Buy from Amazon Basics



Amazon Basics is a huge brand of Amazon items that you can buy if you want to skip the name brand and score huge savings. After taking a look into the Amazon Basics items, here are some of the most surprising and shocking things you can buy with the Amazon label on them. There are a few things you definitely need to add to your shopping cart, and a few shocking things that will make you wonder who buys this from Amazon.

Anyone can buy Amazon Basics branded items, but some of the Amazon brands are only available with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is $119 a year and includes two day shipping, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime video and a host of other features.

Amazon Basics includes over 1,500 items and Amazon Basics batteries account for a third of all online battery sales. Here are the biggest surprises I found in the Amazon Basics listings.

Amazon Basics Dog Diapers

Amazon Basics Dog Diapers
$12.49 from Amazon

If your dog is getting up there in years, you don't need to spend big money on a male dog wrap, you can get Amazon Basics dog diapers in four sizes. 

Each 30 pack of male dog wraps delivers leak proof protection and a wetness indicator that changes color. 

This has 4.5 star reviews and comes with a one year warranty in case they aren't up to your dog's standards. 

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