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Windows 8 vs Windows 10: 10 Changes You Need to Know



Windows 8 vs Windows 10: Touch & The Charms

Windows 8 vs Windows 10: Touch & The Charms

Second on any list of hated Windows 10 features is the Charms. That is, they would be second if most people ever realized they existed. The Charms Bar is one of the elements of Windows 8 that only surfaced if you swipe on the edge of your screen or place your mouse in a specific corner. Forget that it was included in the Windows 8 tutorial, most people forgot about it.

The Charms Bar is dead in Windows 10. Microsoft is wisely advising developers to build the options that the Charms Bar used to hold – like Settings and Search – into their apps. The company has also added a menu button to the top of apps to handle these features on apps that aren’t getting updated in the near term.

Overall, Microsoft has smartly rethought its approach to touch in general. Again, the Taskbar acts as anchor, giving touch users on-screen cues for everything they could do with touch gestures before. All of this isn’t to say that touch gestures are gone entirely.

Swiping up from the bottom of your screen does nothing. Swiping down slightly from the top of your screen now shows you a titlebar with options for making the app full screen or closing it. Swiping right from the left side of the screen gets you the new multitasking TaskView area. Swiping left from the right edge of your screen opens the Action Center for quick settings changes and notifications.

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