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Windows 8 vs Windows 10: 10 Changes You Need to Know



Windows 8 vs Windows 10: Gaming & Xbox

Windows 8 vs Windows 10: Gaming & Xbox

Windows 8 has a very basic, very sad gaming experience. You can check your Xbox Live messages and earn achievements, but that’s roughly it. Microsoft didn’t update the experience at all for Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 includes a dedicated Xbox app that replaces the Games app and the Xbox SmartGlass app. You can use it as a companion and control your console. It features Xbox Live messages, browsing, achievement tracking and game hubs. You can also use the new Xbox app as your destination for PC gaming. Windows 10 devices support the Xbox One controller out-of-the-box. Video clips can be recorded from you favorite games and so can screenshots. Game developers can unlock Windows versions of their games with their purchases on Xbox One and let gamers play with each other, regardless of whether they are on Xbox One or Windows.

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