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Windows 8 vs Windows 10: 10 Changes You Need to Know



Windows 8 Vs Windows 10: The Apps & Continuum

Windows 8 Vs Windows 10: The Apps & Continuum

With Windows 8, Microsoft got back to bundling apps and services directly with its operating system. Forget downloading apps from Microsoft’s website, bundled was everything from Skype to Xbox Music and OneDrive. Bundling useful apps with Windows 8 was a good idea. Sometimes the apps weren’t all that impressive though.

Windows 10 apps are both mouse and touch friendly. They’re able to be resized for multitasking in touch mode. What’s more, there closer to being feature complete. Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar in Windows 10 put their Windows 8.1 counterparts to shame. Each supports everything from Outlook and iCloud to Gmail. Grove Music doesn’t have any new features yet, but does at last look better than its previous incarnation. It supports Flac audio. TV & Movies supports widescreen zooming and MKV files.

Photos and Camera have descent upgrades that add more functionality. Calculator, People, Fresh Paint, Alarm & Clock, News, Money and Voice Recorder are all-new. Many apps have a light and dark mode so that you can adjust them in low-light situations quickly.

Internet Explorer still lurks in Windows 10, but it’s strictly for backwards compatibility. It’s replacement is Microsoft Edge, a browser that Microsoft says offers better performance than Google Chrome. Besides fast browsing, Microsoft Edge has built-in note tasking support and a dedicated reading mode. Microsoft plans. Microsoft plans to add support for extensions later this year. The built-in apps that come with Windows 10 are way better and more fully featured.

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