5 Exciting Xbox One X Features Worth Upgrading For

If you’re an Xbox gamer, chances are you’re ready to place your Xbox One pre-order today. Don’t do that until you fully understand the exclusive Xbox One X features you can expect from Microsoft’s latest console.

The Xbox One X release date is on November 7th. From that day on, gamers can count on title updates that add better visuals for their 4K television and more. Xbox One X enhanced games will support 4K televisions that also have HDR10 color contrast for more life-like visuals. You don’t need to buy a 4K TV if you don’t want to. Xbox One uses super-sampling to improve visuals of games that aren’t getting updates for the Xbox One X. Also, existing games will load faster on the Xbox One X than they do on any previous Xbox console.

Even with all those features, the Xbox One X is really just an updated version of the Xbox One that Microsoft launched back in 2013. It supports Xbox One and Xbox One S games. Your accessories and subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold, EA Access and Game Pass also transfer over. This can make compiling a list of Xbox One X features more confusing, and you need to know those to be an informed shopper.

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These are the 5 Xbox One X features that make the console worth buying. Look into these upgrades, then decide if it’s really worth spending $499 to get Microsoft’s latest Xbox console.

5 Xbox One X Features Worth Upgrading For

• Better Looking Xbox Games with Super Sampling
• HDR Support for Enhanced Color
• 4K Xbox One X Enhanced Games
• Faster Loading Games
• 4K Game DVR Recording

Better Looking Xbox Games on HDTVs with Super-Sampling

Better Looking Xbox Games on HDTVs with Super-Sampling

Microsoft continues to emphasize the enhanced visuals that Xbox One X buyers get with a 4K television, but the company has not done a great job of telling people about super-sampling. With super-sampling, you get better looking games without a 4K television.

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Super-sampling improves how the space around in-game characters looks, according to Microsoft. That is, characters look like they’re part of their environment instead of being on top of it. Because super-sampling works with high-definition televisions, there’s no need to spend money on an expensive 4K television when you’re not sure how much 4K gaming you will do on the system.

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