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5 Exciting Xbox One X Features Worth Upgrading For



4K Xbox One X Enhanced Games

The Xbox One X has a more powerful processor and graphics card than the Xbox One and Xbox One S. Xbox One X Enhanced games are why that improved hardware is necessary.

Older consoles just don’t have the power it takes to render a game in 4K. That’s because 4K visuals are four times as detailed as high-definition. The original Xbox One simply doesn’t have any tricks to make up for this shortcoming. It renders games in their normal resolution and upscales them to full-HD. The Xbox One S takes the game’s standard resolution and upscales it to fill a 4K television.


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Xbox One X games can fully take advantage of a 4K television if the developer that created the game includes support for it. Just look for a small 4K logo on the game’s case or in its online store description. Assassin’s Creed Origins will launch with full 4K support on Xbox One. Injustice 2, Forza 7, Madden 18 and Crackdown 3.

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