20 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases

Samsung partnered with a range of companies to offer some of the best Galaxy S7 cases when it was released. Now that the phone has been available for a while owners have tons of choices. Those who want to protect the beautiful metal and glass design may want to buy one of the many cases detailed below.

We’ve round up multiple exciting Galaxy S7 cases from top brands we trust and have used on the Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, Pixel and the Galaxy S7. These cases are available on Amazon, from Samsung, and other popular 3rd party manufacturers.

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This year Samsung made multiple cases themselves, as well as from partners. Like a Galaxy S7 extended battery case, flip cases and more. Those are some of the best choices, but there are still plenty of others to choose from online.

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Now that the phone has been available for nearly a year, multiple top brands have released entire lineups of cases. As a result buyers have huge selections to choose from. For now the best bet is cases on Amazon or from Speck, Tech21, Spigen and other trusted brands. We even have one with a huge battery so the phone will last for days.

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The S7 has a similar design to last year, but it is different and won’t fit cases for the Galaxy S6. This means buyers need to get something new. At the same time it’s now IP68 water resistant, so buyers don’t need waterproof cases. It also has better battery life, so most won’t need a battery case.

With the Galaxy Note 7 recalled and removed from the market, thousands of users switched to the S7 over the holidays. Current and new users alike will want to get a case from our selection outlined below.

Galaxy S7 S-View Flip Cover (Clear)

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Galaxy S7 S-View Flip Cover (Clear)

First up is a fan-favorite, being the official Samsung S-View flip case. This year Samsung actually has three different S-View Flip cover cases. There's the traditional flip cover with a window like previous years, then a completely clear one, and an LED flip case. Our favorite is the clear case. This offers a full view of the entire screen, not just the small cutout like previous years.

It does everything the others do, gives quick access to information on the screen, at-a-glance information, and lets users answers calls and take pictures without opening the case. This one also has a new notification bar (while the case is closed) allowing users access to more than just missed calls or texts. It's a great option, and ships in early March.

Buy it Now for $59.99 in three colors

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