Got a Cracked Screen? Consider These 5 Repair Options to Bring Back Your Smartphone to Life

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  1. Chris

    You realize the spray on screen repair video was an April Fools Day joke, right? Common. Try this new thing called Google to check out your recommendations.


  2. Seth Baum

    Man I SO wish there was something like that – not for a true fix of a real cracked screen – but when you just get some hairline scratches (keys or whatever did it) and wish you could “cover” or “buff them out” – nothing under the screen was afffected and no glass was lost. Just a scratch here and there.


  3. desi

    I can not believe that you all offered the cracked glass spray as a option and mentioned (with all seriousness) that it was released earlier last year….research and reading options before you write an article on it is suggested so your reputation is in tack. Remind me not to take advise from this writer lol…Next thing I know you will have “ESP fax service replacing united postal service, cheaper options for sending messages!”


  4. annabell

    I don’t know if I should buy it because my phone got cracked and it wont work anymore :(….


  5. Debbie

    You say five repair options. You’ve given two, replace it yourself, get someone else to replace it? Since when is insurance a repair option, kind of moot if it’s already cracked, don’t you think?????


  6. Robert

    An April Fool’s joke and a lot of “replace the danged screen” options. Not once do I see a “repair” option listed, and yet you title the article with the word “repair.” Get rid of this SEO junk and use the right word or just don’t post an article. The few dollars a year of ad revenue you pull from this article isn’t worth the hours of people’s time you’ve wasted with this misleading trash.


  7. Pawel

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