How to Enable Assistive Touch for iPhone

Button Options

Assistive touch is a feature of the iPhone that allows the user to control the device with a virtual home button. This feature was designed for those who have trouble reaching the buttons on the device, or cannot operate the touch screen very well, but it also has other uses. The most common “other” use […]

How to Share HD Movies from the iPhone

Select HD (Facebook)

For many users the iPhone is their main way of taking photos and videos, due to its compact size. While having the iPhone for all of your media is convenient, it is somewhat of a pain to transfer your HD videos from the iPhone and share them with friends and family. Unlike photos, the videos […]

How to Fix iPhone Disabled Error

Disabled iPhone

While setting a passcode on the iPhone is the best way to keep your information safe, a drawback of doing so is if the user forgets the code. A security feature that Apple has incorporated into the iPhone is an automatic lock after six failed attempts. After the user fails to enter the correct code […]

How To Free Up Space on an iPhone

Usage Info

Between apps, music, photos and other data stored on the iPhone, running out of space is a common issue for many users. Unlike android phones, the iPhone does not have expandable memory, so the capacity that you have is what you are stuck with. This is becoming more and more of a problem as app […]

How to Sync Webpages from Computer to iPhone

Open Tab from other device (iPhone)

A handy new feature that a few modern browsers support is tab syncing. With tab syncing all of your pages (a.k.a tabs) that you have open on your desktop or laptop are available on your smart phone as well. Tab syncing is great for looking up a page that you had open on another device […]

How to Turn Off Find my iPhone From Computer

Remove iPhone

The Find my iPhone feature is used for locating lost devices and is automatically enabled by all iPhones running iOS 7. While the Find my iPhone service is a very helpful tool for those who have misplaced their iPhone it sometimes is a nuisance to disable. There is a setting under iCloud on the iPhone itself […]

How to Create a Custom iTunes Radio Station

Tap New Station

Every music streaming app has its advantages and disadvantages, but the nice thing with iTunes Radio is that it is built directly into the iPhone’s music app. Another cool feature is the station style format that iTunes radio uses to provide music to listeners. By default iTunes Radio has featured stations that are easy to […]

How to Turn off In-App purchases in iOS 7

Disable In-app purchases

The App store is a great place to download new and useful apps for the iPhone. While many of these apps are free, some come with a catch known as In-app purchases. An in-app purchase is an add-on to the app to enable certain features, or allow the user to unlock other things not available […]

How to View Photos by Location in iOS 7

Year View

While there are many uses for the iPhone one of the most commonly used features is taking photos. A feature that was in earlier versions of iOS that organized a user’s photos was the location view. With location view the photos on the iPhone group by their location rather than the traditional camera roll album. This […]

How to Create an Apple ID

Create Apple ID

Apple devices such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad all use an Apple ID. The Apple ID is important for everything from iMessage to downloading apps. Setting up an Apple ID is a fairly easy process that allows the user to get the most out of their iOS device. While there are several ways to […]

How to Setup AirPrint with iPhone

Print Document

While many of our documents live in the cloud and or email, there is still the occasional need to physically print something. While printer technology hasn’t changed a lot over the last few years a new feature is AirPrint. AirPrint enables the user to print documents directly from their iPhone. This ability is very useful, especially for […]

How to Send a Fax with the iPhone

Send Fax

Sending faxes is not as common today as it once was, but the practice is still necessary in some business settings. Doctors offices, small business and other organizations still rely on the fax machine as a way of sending documents and memos back and forth. While having a dedicated fax machine is a pain, many […]

How Long the iOS 7 Update Will Take to Complete

Here's how long you can expect the iOS 7 upgrade to take.

After a much-anticipated wait the iOS 7 release nearly here. With iOS 7, iPhone and iPad users will have access to a totally revamped home screen, new features like control center, and a lot of other neat improvements. Besides the obvious new additions there are also a lot of under the hood security improvements that […]

iPhone 5c: Does it Appeal to a Younger Crowd?

iPhone 5C

During today’s keynote Apple not only announced one but two new versions of the iPhone. The new models, respectively, are the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. This is a new move for Apple, as traditionally they have only released a single new model per keynote. With more options, consumers are asking which iPhone is […]

Infinity Blade 3 Demo Shows off iPhone 5S Graphics

Infinity Blade 3

With the announcement of the iPhone 5S a whole new league of games is coming. One of these games is a refresh to the popular game Infinity Blade. Infinity Blade 3 is the final game which will end the Infinity Blade series. By the looks of the game, it will fully take advantage of the […]

What to do When the iPad Won’t Turn On

Overheated iPad

Many of us heavily rely on our iOS devices to do common daily tasks such as waking up, reminding us about meetings or many other things that have become second nature to us. While our gadgets do a great job of keeping us up to date, electronics can and do fail, which can spell catastrophe […]

How to To Use Airplane Mode on the iPhone

Phone Disabled

The iPhone is a great tool for keeping us connected, but what about when that connection needs silenced? While do not disturb mode is great for eliminating notifications it still has the cellular service enabled, which is a problem when riding on an airplane. Luckily the iPhone has a built-in setting for scenarios such as these. […]

How to Reset a Lost iPad Passcode

Enter Passcode

Tablets such as the iPad are a very popular device due to their portability, and the amount of tasks you can do with it. This being said, iPads are also a common target for crooks. Apple devices, such as the iPad, are such a hot item that a whole unit of the NYPD‘s job is […]

How to Turn Off Location Data on iPhone Photos

Turn Camera OFF

While the iPhone is great at many things, one of the most famous is using it for photos. It is a hassle to carry an extra camera around, and the iPhone is great at taking photos and it is almost always in your pocket. This being said, there is a part of this experience that […]

How to Make a 3-Way Call on the iPhone

Add Call

Conference calling allows more than two people on the phone simultaneously. This can enable meetings and other business discussion to occur more easily compared to video conferencing. Conference calls are accessible with a few simple taps. Conference calling is free, and allows up to three people to talk all on the same call. This feature works with all the […]