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10 Cool Things the Pixel 4 Can Do



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And Even More

And Even More

This last slide we wanted to highlight several other neat things your Pixel 4 can do. Whether those are cool features you'll enjoy, or things that are amazing it does automatically, that you can't necessarily control. 

There's a new Titan M Security chip built-in on every phone that will help keep you and your device safe, which is neat. 

Google's "Now Playing" feature was one of 10 amazing things the Pixel 3 could do, and now it's even better. The phone can instantly recognize and save songs playing in the background, or at a bar or restaurant and put the title at the bottom of the screen, even when it's turned off. It's like Shazam 24/7 built into your phone. This happens on-device, and even works without an internet connection, which is crazy. And now on the Pixel 4 it works with more music than ever before. 

HDR+ mode in the camera now works all the time, not just after you take a photo. It's called Live HDR+ and you can see how a photo will look before you take it, which is pretty powerful. 

And finally, Google's Pixel 4 (in the United States) has a new feature known as Car Crash Detection. The phone sensors can physically feel and recognize when someone is involved in a car crash, just like it knows when you're walking or running. On the Pixel 4, your device and the Google Assistant can technically alert emergency services for you, or suggest it, when you're in a wreck. Potentially saving lives. It's pretty awesome. 

These are just a few of many sweet Pixel 4 features. We'll update this list as we find other cool things you can do with your phone throughout 2020 and with the release of Android R. 

10 / 10
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