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10 Cool Things the Pixel 4 Can Do



Super Smooth HD Screen

Super Smooth HD Screen

This year the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have some of the best screens of any phone on the market. Not only do you get a beautiful AMOLED display on both, but they have a 90Hz refresh rate. 

For comparison, almost every other photo on the market (aside from a few) only come with a 60 Hz refresh rate. That includes the Galaxy S10, Note 10, iPhone 11 Pro and more. They all have 60 Hz refresh rates. 

The Pixel 4 can refresh the screen 1/3 more per second, making everything smooth, fast, and natural-looking. When you try the Pixel 4 for the first time it'll feel extremely fast and responsive. Part of that is Android 10 and the new Snapdragon 855 processor, but a big part of that is the 90Hz AMOLED display. 


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