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10 Cool Things the Pixel 4 Can Do



Squeeze for the Assistant (Active Edge)

Squeeze for the Assistant (Active Edge)

Not everything we want to mention here is necessarily new, but they're all cool things you can do with the Pixel 4. One of those is the Active Edge. 

Just squeeze the sides of your phone and see what happens. This is the "Active Edge" and you can squeeze the phone to launch the Google Assistant, mute phone calls, and a few other customizable actions.

Essentially, the bottom sides of the phone are pressure sensitive. You can squeeze the phone (even when the screen is off) to instantly launch the Google Assistant. Then ask it to send a text, get directions to a nearby cafe, or check the weather. Anything you ask Google Search, Assistant or Google Home, you can ask after squeezing.

Additionally, if your phone is ringing and you don't want to answer, just squeeze the phone and it will silence the call. This works great in your pocket, too. Go to settings and customize how sensitive the squeeze feature is if you'd like.

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