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10 Cool Things the Pixel 4 Can Do



Control Your Phone With Radar (Touch Free)

Control Your Phone With Radar (Touch Free)

Remember in our first slide we said the Pixel 4 had a Radar chip inside, and something called Project Soli? Well, here's another thing that makes it special. 

Technically this slide should be called Motion Sense, as that's what Google is calling it. 


Basically, Motion Sense puts a radar bubble above your phone, recognizes you, and can react to your hands, arms, etc. Not to mention the phone is always ready for use. You can swipe your hand over the screen to change songs, and more "Motion Sense" controls are coming soon.


It starts Face Unlock as you reach for the phone, before you grab it, so it unlocks faster. And when your alarm clock goes off in the morning Motion Sense will "see" you reach for the phone and lower the alarm volume, which is amazing. Then you can swipe to dismiss the sound completely. 


Little smart things like that are everywhere in this phone, and will only get better or added to over time. 

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