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10 Cool Things the Pixel 4 Can Do



A Faster and Smarter Google Assistant

The Pixel 4 has a new "Neural Core" chip inside that's super technical, so we'll try to make it easy to understand. This is the first phone with Google's artificial intelligence and machine learning built-in, which uses that neural core. As a result, the Google Assistant is up to 10x faster, and it's a lot smarter than before too. 

Furthermore, that core allows for those real-time transcribes, Live Caption, and several other fancy features. The video below is a clip of the all-new Google Assistant you'll be able to use on the Pixel 4 thanks to this on-device AI. 

Google managed to compress the 100GB cloud model and artificial intelligence behind the Google Assistant into a tiny file that fits on EVERY device. Your phone, tablet, laptop, and more. Essentially putting the power and AI of the Assistant on-device, which means it works up to TEN times faster, and without an internet connection. It no longer needs to send information to Google and then back to you, it all happens automatically. That’s why the demo video above was so amazingly fast. 

Notice that she doesn't have to keep saying "Ok Google" to get the Assistant to help, and the Assistant is smart enough to continue the conversation with ease. Then, the search giant released some new features or a "Pixel Feature Drop" at the end of 2019 with even more features, controls, and smart Google Assistant actions. 

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