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10 Things the LG V30 Can Do



Shoot like a Pro with "Point Zoom"

Shoot like a Pro with

The V in the name stands for video, which is why each LG V-series phone comes with loads of controls for photos and video. 

The LG V30 is a game-changer for video and content creators. That's because there are tons of awesome video effects and features on this phone. One of our favorites is a new option while recording video called "Point Zoom". 

This allows you to control cinema-quality dramatic zooming unlike any smartphone. Instead of just pinching to zoom in the middle, Point Zoom lets you select anywhere inside the frame and zoom in on that exact spot. Additionally, there's a little slider on the screen to control the speed of the zoom for beautiful, smooth, and stable video recording. It's something you only see on professional cameras, but now you can do it with the phone in your pocket. 



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