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10 Things to Do Before Installing iOS 15.8.2



If you want to install Apple’s new iOS 15.8.2 update, there are some steps you should take before moving your iPhone from your device’s current version of iOS 15 to the latest firmware.

iOS 15.8.2 is a small upgrade, but it brings under-the-hood improvements to iPhone models that weren’t eligible for iOS 16.

If your iPhone is currently running iOS 15.8.1, you get the shortest change log. If you’re moving from an older version of iOS, your iOS 15.8.2 update will be more substantial. That’s because the changes from the iOS updates you skipped are baked into your upgrade.

iOS 15.8.2 is an important upgrade and most iPhone users should install the software in the near future. That being said, it’s difficult to predict how Apple’s new software will impact your iPhone’s performance.

While some of you could see a boost to your iPhone’s performance, others will run into frustrating bugs and performance issues.

And this is precisely why it’s important to do some prep work before you start the installation. A little work ahead of time could help you avoid serious problems.

With that in mind, we want to help you prepare for the transition from your iPhone’s current version of iOS 15 to iOS 15.8.2. This guide will take you step-by-step through the process we use before we tap install.

Backup Your Data

Backup Your Data

This step is extremely important. If you don't have a ton of time to devote to the pre-installation process, make sure you do this.

A lot of you already know how to properly backup your iPhone's data (photos, videos, etc), but if you're unsure, we've got you covered. 

Some of you will want to backup using Apple's iCloud service. It's an easy way to ensure your important files are safe. If you're unfamiliar with the iCloud backup process, you'll want to check out Apple's guide.

If you don't want to use iCloud, you can backup your files using iTunes. If you're running macOS Sonoma, macOS Ventura, macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur or macOS Catalina, you'll need to use Finder, not iTunes. 

If you store a lot of data on your iPhone, the backup process could take awhile to complete so you'll need to remain patient. 

Data loss issues are fairly rare, but don't take your chances. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Trillium

    02/24/2023 at 4:30 pm

    We have two iphone 7s and about a week ago I updated my phone to 15.7.3 and after that update all my immessage videos are now over exposed. My husband’s iphone 7 videos were fine without the update. We thought it might be other issues with my phone, but when my husband’s phone updated his videos they too became over exposed. When I tried to post this on Apple forums they would not allow it to be posted. I can’t find anything about how this update impacted our iphones on Apple site. Well the fix is in. Verizon wants 100.00 more over the cost that Apple charges for a new iphone if you buy from their store directly. The squeeze by phone manufacturers and telecom is becoming unsustainable for more and more Americans. We are retired and the phones worked fine for our needs. If Apple and Mr. Cook profess to be thoughtful and green about things why not stop playing games with these updates and leave basic phones as is rather than pushing us to overly expensive phones. These phones require toxic mining for the materials in them so the longer we can keep these going the better. This might just be the impetus I need to get a landline and detach from these smart phones and get a burner phone to take with me for errands when I am out. I think we need a 12 step program to detach from these addiction devices and stop all the tracking and listening to our privacy. It is a terrible time to do this since people are still struggling after pandemic. I mean how many mega yachts does Ms. Jobs need?

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